The New Sincerity and Solo Bells

There's been talk amongst the new class of comedians and entertainers about a "New Sincerity" taking over from the "old irony" immortalized mostly on the printed t-shirts of the latter part of the last decade.  I'm intrigued by this notion especially as it effects the creation and enjoyment of church music.

Tonight at a church service for 20 people in suburban Detroit a gentleman played a solo handbell piece that he'd written.  The small congregation appreciated his energy in playing this piece and I tried to imagine the reactions that could have come from a group of worshippers more used to the adult contemporary music that has become so indicative of modern Christian worship.  Maybe they'd have appreciated his offering in the way of the "old irony."   Probably they would have texted to their friends something like "U wont bleev wat I just saw. OMG."

But I felt appreciative of his efforts.  It made me wonder what a remix album of some of my own projects would sound like if it was constructed from the sincere attention of choir directors, bell ringers, and the errant local church orchestra.  What would the Cherub Choir's rendition of "Maker In Whom We Live" or "Through The Wild and Nervous" sound like?

I hope I get a chance to find out sometime.  Sincerely.