carl thomas gladstone

Making goodness you can hear, see & experience.


Why & How

Carl Thomas Gladstone believes that bringing about wholeness and goodness in the world takes craft and artisanship.  Making the world a better place, and helping people be better goodness-makers takes time, patience, inspiration and a community to see the work through.  Carl's pracitces of goodness-making are:


Carl's music is meant to lament the brokenness and call forth healing for the world.  This music is completed when listeners become enactors of the glimpses of goodness they hear and sing along to.  MORE


Conspiring with others to make justice, love and mercy real in the world is where Carl gains insight and inspiration into what a healthy and whole world could be.  MORE


Great stories are all around us.  Carl's hope is that we can all learn to retell them well so as to engage the world in their promises.  MORE


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Carl writes music, tells stories and crafts communities as a discipline of justice-seeking and disruptive spirituality.  He hopes to engage people of faith and of no faith in deep questions and rich stories that matter for the world. 

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