Superfan Survey

Tonight I sat in on the Kresge Detroit Artists Fellowship information session at the College For Creative Studies in Midtown Detroit.  While there I and 200 or so other artists got the skinny on the applications we're making to this great program which pays $25,000 to 18 artist fellows for a year of artistic efforts.

As a part of my application I need to send in recordings of a few of my best songs.  These should be tracks that grab you right away since the first examination by the judges is a blind listen to 2 minute sections of 3-5 songs.

So here's where you my superfans come in!  I need you to tell me which songs to submit!  Below are the preferable albums to choose from, but other than than, please tell me honestly which songs have the best 2 minute sections in them that might score me the chance to devote a lot of 2010 to the creation of new albums!

Feel free to email, call, facebook, or tweet those selections to me whenever you have a chance.



Carl GladstoneKresge