Who Came From Above

The Gospel of John reminds us constantly of Jesus' divine otherness. Sometimes the only way we know how to talk about that is by talking about Jesus as the one who "came from above." This song uses that motif to usher Christians into a spirit of awe around this Jesus who was the incarnate God.


Music © 2006, Carl Thomas Gladstone
Words by Charles Wesley

O Thou who camest from above,
the pure celestial fire to impart
kindle a flame of sacred love
upon the mean altar of my heart.

There let it for thy glory burn
with inextinguishable blaze,
and trembling to its source return,
in humble prayer and fervent praise.

Jesus, confirm my heart's desire
to work and speak and think for thee;
still let me guard the holy fire,
and still stir up thy gift in me.

Ready for all thy perfect will,
my acts of faith and love repeat,
till death thy endless mercies seal,
and make my sacrifice complete.