the wesley project

Over the course of Carl's musical career he has grown in an appreciation of the song texts written and edited by Charles Wesley and his brother John.  These two founders of the Methodist movement sought in these texts to teach the theology of personal/social holiness, already-present grace, and a call toward the ongoing work of becoming deeper followers of Jesus.

The Wesley Project is a first in what will certainly be an ongoing practice of reclaiming these texts for new audiences.  On the album you'll hear some of the voices of those communities bringing these songs back into their life together.  Particularly the Wednesday Night Chapel community at Albion College among others.  Celebrating the 300th anniversary of Charles' birth in 2006, this album also recognizes a resurgence of Wesleyan theology in general.

Musical influences for The Wesley Project come from numerous communities also reclaiming older texts by setting them to new locally crafted tunes.  Redmountain Music in Alabama, and the Indellible Grace collective in Tennessee are just two examples of communities living out this commitment to new expressions of faith built on the rich heritage of hymns in our past.