This New Wheel


*For Mary and Andrew


This seems the right time for music or poetry – 

but pottery might get us there 

from the hands that create 

to paint that adorns to the contents of character they carry 

These are the vessels God crafts and restores 

and invites us to throw and to bear 


We gathered by shores, the family of God 

intent on this woman, this man 

lifting the water from Junaluska, 

Inner Harbor, Louise, and Annapolis – 

We remembered our baptism, scrubbed down the world, 

put drops to our clay and began 


With rough spots and smooth 

we cast and God molded 

now each form pushes back to reveal 

artwork claiming their own creation – 

two people climb on this new wheel. 


They met and decided that with unique strata 

their composites not lost, but joined 

by their craftsmanship shared and the artists who love them 

one beautiful work to enjoy 

Empty jar soon adorned, light-hearted colors, strong forms 

show injustice that music and laughter destroy 


Contrasting lines that negotiate scenes 

of children honored, and friends received. 

These signs of promises held inside - 

a forever, a day, and what else may come knocking. 

A vessel which shows us loving better 

and reveals what true listening achieves. 


It will stand as a living artifact built, 

painted, and fired for respect 

And when time and dust claim it again 

will return, some new earth to bless 

Another jar, and new generations' talesof holy and limitless Yes.