We can change things,  
if we cause enough of a ruckus.

There are lots of great things to write songs about.  But some songs can also help make real change in the world.  Carl has been working to end human trafficking, stop violence against women, and fight the root causes of poverty with his albums.  Why not join in the fun?



Regular support from individuals and communities allows us to create music together that makes the world a better place. From $1/month to full on commissioning of pieces.

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Musical Collaborators

Musical friends, join in the Conspiritor Collective, a creative workshop for crafting goodness and beauty in the world.

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Other Conspiritors

You can support the fight against human trafficking, support women who have been victims of violence, and donate to young people fighting poverty by clicking the links below and telling your friends that monsters are real, but so are heroes.

Not For Sale → Campaign to fight human trafficking.

Take Back The Night Ending violence against women.