tales scratched out

At the end of his time at Albion College, Carl was faced with this challenge: complete your senior thesis before graduation.  But, after perusing the many leather-bound theses, he wasn't too inspired.  That is, until the day he realized that research money could pay for studio time.  So, with the help of his musical friends, poetry workshop classmates, and connections to professional musicians through the Albion music department Carl wrote, recorded, and produced Tales Scratched Out as a final piece of both scholarship and collegiate art.

The lyrics in these Tales reflect Carl's willingness to write with a kind of folk-myth.  Characters are just as likely to be found on school playgrounds as they are on timeless shorelines.  Songs reference earlier works from the mundane to the holy.  Musically, much of the aural quality of Tales was crafted by talented sound engineer and producer Dan Worley of Good Noise Studios.  Dan's ability to form the ideas of novice recording artists into a reasonable audio work was much appreciated.

Musical collaborators on Tales include the usual suspects: Katie Monaghan Spindler, Brad Stott, Michael Mayo; plus some less well known musical partners: Ryan Plum, and some talented studio musicians brought in through Mr. Worley.  Pictures and visuals for the album were developed out of Carl's travels around Michigan and the U.S. - claiming images from Houghton to South Dakota - some of the text even scratched out in Carl's own hand.