Within The Arms Divine

Thanks to C-Dubs for this wedding anniversary hymn text!  And I love being married to a lady that let's me fool around with an old dead guy's words on GarageBand all day!  (SoundCloud link if the file below ain't workin)

I guess my dream crew for a song like this would include Brad Stott on drums and Seth Gruenwald on strings.  Any other suggestions?

Within The Arms Divine - Chord Chart

Love Shall Rule and Heaven Come Down


Writing some songs requested by my mom, Terry Gladstone.  She said she's always liked the tune of "There Is a Fountain Filled With Blood" but wondered if there could be some less gruesome lyrics.  So Anna and I teamed up to put the words to her dad's favorite scripture passage, Micah 6:8 to the tune of this song that my mom likes.  Now we hope you like it.  Here are the lyrics.

Apophatic Monsters


So often we learn the truth about things by observing what they aren't.  We find, in those moments, revelation in the margins.  Plus, too often, the stuff in the center is typical and mundane and just not that interesting, even it presumes to be bold and edgy.  I think we could learn a lot by not having to look at the correct images all the time, and just prepared ourselves to meet truth and beauty even if it is around the corner from other stuff.  

Jesus Will Not Refuse the Song

Jesus Will Not Refuse The Song
Words by Charles Wesley, Music by Carl Thomas Gladstone

Sing, ye ransomed nations, sing,
Praises to our new-born King,
Son of man our Maker is,
Lord of hosts and Prince of peace!

Jesus will not refuse the song
Ransomed nations sing along!

Will his majesty disdain
The poor shepherd's simple strain?
No; for Israel's shepherd, he
Loves their artless melody.

Let us then our Prince proclaim,
Humbly chant Immanuel's name,
Publish at his wondrous birth,
Praise in heaven and peace on earth.

Another in the Wesley Advent collection.  Charles seemed big on this "simple praise" shepherd motif.  Wonder if he particularly had the poor in mind when using these songs to teach about the meaning of Christmas.  

Shepherd's Hymn

After visiting the Bethlehem site commemorating the announcement of the Nativity, the plainness of the shepherds in that story seems more real.  Both this town and the people living there still are somehow Other than the people in Jerusalem a ways away.  This song is a great Wesley text that I've tried to connect with a new simple, but profound melody.