oft broke echo

Oft Broke Echo represents a kind of sequel to Carl's first album Tales Scratched Out.  Where the first was a statement of hope and assurance, this is a series of questions still present to the narrators of each song.  Born out of a series of Lenten public witnesses during Carl's time as a seminary student in Chicago these songs claim their place as lament.  Some reflect a cry for injustices around the world.  Others are cries for more intimate injustices.  But, to question is not necessarily to destroy faith.  Mostly it clarifies.

Teaming up again with Dan Worley, but in the midst of Good Noise Studios' own development, Echo changed as the author and his musical partners did.  To complete the project, and thanks to Steve Beers, Carl and a number of the song crafting crew even had a chance to record some of Oft Broke Echo's tracks in one of the professional studios of Nashville, TN.  This time the acoustic base of the music is twinged with some electric, where the themes of the songs required it.  But there is a community in questioning as well, reflected in the choruses of songs like "Embrace of the Quitters."

Oft Broke Echo also saw the emergence of a new member of the album-making crew.  Anna Stroud (soon to become Carl's spouse) lent here pictures of Detroit to the visual construction as well as adding her voice to some of the tracks.  Otherwise Katie M. S., Brad S., and Michael M. return along with old and new friends like Jason Hill and Justin Savara.  Justin can be thanked for any resonance on this album with The Darkness as it was on his mp3 player that we listened to "I Believe In a Thing Called Love" nonstop on the way to Nashville.