Returning to the scene of a text

From time to time I have the opportunity to return to Nashville - the scene that inspired a song called Twisterflies on Tales Scratched Out.  Back when I wrote that song I was asking questions about the structures around us and how they affect us, chaotically or inspirationally.

Now I find myself wondering different things.  Like how we can turn the tables and with a million little actions affect the structures around us, either tear them down or build them up.

Like the songwriters in this city do so well, that kind of power comes in attaching great possibility to the everyday stories of our friends, families, churches, communities.  And it comes from watching out for the winds that blow and pull power right out of the sky.

Take a walk in Nashville sometime and listen for those kinds of lyrics.

Two Forever One


So, just when you think Charles Wesley might have been a monarchical apologist (probably was), he goes and writes something like this.  And on a 5th year anniversary weekend, I just have to give him some credit for a nice hymn for married couples.  We'll see about giving it some new life in the next few weeks amid working on the Matchstick EP.

Two Forever One (pdf)



An EP in Memory of Terry N. Gladstone

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"She was matchstick / sent here to burn, to blaze, to heat things up / to keep us warm" - Jeff Nelson

My mom Terry Gladstone touched the lives of many. This is the collection of songs I wish I'd had time to write and sing for her before she died on November 6, 2011. It's also a collection inspired by her, her work, her love of those around her, and her passion for the church. In the priceless words of my friend and poet Jeff Nelson, these are also the songs that ask us "is there anybody left who might burn this whole place down" like she would?

Each $10 donation to this campaign is a pre-sale and you'll receive the CD upon it's completion. $500 donors get 50 CDs and a free solo acoustic show of these songs for 50 friends, maybe 50 folks who loved Terry like I do, maybe 50 friends who'd be inspired by her life like I am.

All proceeds beyond the cost of production will be donated to ministries in the Detroit Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church that Terry loved and worked on in her decades long career as a Deacon and leader among us.

Let's burn this place down for my Mom. Thanks.

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