Special thanks to Scott in light of the recent tragedy in Nigeria.  

"...I was inspired this past week to do something in worship and it included your music. There was a UCC church in Maine that encouraged churches to pray daily beginning on Mother's Day until these girls are returned to their families. I accepted that challenge and made a presentation during worship sharing information about what had happened helping to frame it as modern day slavery and sharing a Biblical response of Jubilee as the song "There's a Better Day" from the Abolitionist Hymnal reminds us. We then prayed for these girls by first name, from a list that has been circulated on the internet. Then we reflected during our offering time as we listened to "There's a Better Day."

I wanted to share with you that the songs that you recoded on that album have facilitated my prayers and have been a source of my inspiration. Today I am sharing a link to the album with my congregation along with the encouragement to continue praying."

- Scott R.

Carl Gladstone