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Had a great meet and greet with the guys over at Groovebox Studios (Detroit) and they'll be doing the mixing and mastering for the Matchstick EP.  I know so many of you have been patient backers, thanks for your grace.  The songs came together nicely and I'm looking forward to getting some professional polish on them as we move into final product.

One of the best memories I have of my mom is waking up after naps as a kid to her playing the piano and singing downstairs, or in the front room of the cottage.  Whether a hymn or some Christmas piece we were all practicing, it made those early moments of coming back into the world after dreaming all the more special.  I hope with projects like this and others that that'll be a reality for little nephew Theo and my own kids someday too.

Now I just have to find that reel to reel of Terry singing "No More Night," and put it on a timer to wake me up one of these afternoons.

- Carl