Perficiendis Litterae

Fellow artist and friend Scott Erickson (@scottthepainter) shares a letter to Christian artists.  As we've worked to define the Prophetic Edge Songwriters Retreat, perhaps this can be our operational narrative.

A Letter To Christian Artists:

Dear Artists

I am a follower of Jesus and I am an artist. I am mostly a painter although I write a bit and work with video from time to time. I have been creating my whole life and truly believe it’s my calling in the world. I have no big fancy degrees that validate my expertise… just years of being an artist and working intensely at that craft...

...Jesus-following artists are given a vision of something that should be created. It doesn’t come through a board or a committee (not saying it can never come that way), it comes out of their walk with God. At this point, nobody is throwing money at them to bring this idea into reality. It’s just up to them if they want to put in the hard work to make this vision into reality. Perhaps along the way that journey includes other people to work with, but I would propose that this community is based less on a specific organization and more about spiritually connected community one has fostered in ones life.

Join us for a weekend of living out this vision.  March 2-4, 2012 at Lake Louise Camp in Boyne Falls, MI.  Register here.

Carl Gladstone