Abolitionist Hymnal Released


With the support of our friends, backers, and fellow abolitionists we're excited to launch this new anti-humantrafficking hymn project!

Please download and show your support for this project.   Proceeds from sales of the cd and hymnal will go to fight modern day human slavery through Not For Sale.  The 27,000,000 people held as child soldiers, bonded laborers, and sex workers need the church to wake up, and these songs will hopefully help in that effort!


For those of you with an interest in remixing or rerecording these songs for inclusion in a companion album to the full release, please click here to join our moderated group for developing those tracks.  Since this is a project that should connect with as many communities as possible, we want to encourage the process of taking these songs and making them your own for growing abolitionists in your own back yard.  Join the fight!