Sometimes as an artist you realize that your craft depends on the relationships you keep.  The other artists with which you surround yourself inform, stretch, and sharpen your skills.  Plus, together, a group of artists can be more than their disparate voices - and can become the voice of an era, a movement, a city. 

So we are taking steps to gather the musicians, the poets, the authors, all storytellers.  We are collecting up those from around Detroit who speak, spit, and spin about the thin places in the world.  The folks who've been to the edge, have seen goodness and evil and beauty and need to help us all see those things too.  We are gathering together a collective of artists from the prophetic edge.

If there is an artist in your life looking to connect - please send them to be a part of this conversation.  We'll gather here and there looking for the next steps, and making record of our shared vision.