Honest Abe will be at my Birthday Party!

Give this poor looking fool the greatest birthday gift EVER!As my wife continues to remind me, in about 9 days I'll be officially entering my plural 30s.  But I don't see this as something to cry about!  Instead, i'm using it as a call to action for all of you in need of a reason to jump on the Abolitionist Hymnal Backer Wagon!

So, I'm writing here to ask that if anyone is interested in doing something for me for my birthday on February 12th, please consider pledging to the Abolitionist Hymnal (click the picture for the link).

Now, February 12th sounds familiar, you may be saying?  Well, yes!  My whole life I've shared a birthday with Abraham Lincoln - the signer of the Emancipation Proclamation and the original Kickstarter Backer for the Aboltionist Hymnal!

So join me, Honest Abe, Anna, and my friends in welcoming in my 3rd decade by helping make it possible for someone else to celebrate their next birthday as a freed person!  And thanks for all the good wishes.