Wesley's Advent Hymns

Getting into another Advent season and looking forward to opening up Charles Wesley's "Hymns on the Nativity" again. There's something about the unfamiliarity of these texts that brings the story to life again for me.

Don't get me wrong - my wife got us Nutcracker tickets and I'm waiting for that Oh Holy Night moment. But, ever since Sufjan Stevens' Christmas box set came out I've developed an appetite for songs that bring out the dirty laundry of Christmas. For Wesley it's songs exploring the shepherds in more depth than they usually get. For Sufjan it's exploring Santa's inherent badness "breakin' in to people's garage."

So we'll try to record some more new music for Charles and get it to you for a stocking stuffer. Just be careful St. Nick doesn't steal it first.


Carl GladstoneAdvent, Wesley, hymns