Detroit music.

Every time I find myself in Nashville I wonder who I'll have the privilege to hear play some live music. Some new unheard-of band with great skills? An old timer group who can out fiddle any young upstart that sits in with them? Usually I'm surprised at who I run across and many times I'll find myself in the room with fairly well known individuals.

It's a lot of fun.

Inevitably though it makes me wonder what Detroit would have been if Motown hadn't left for California and if Jack White could have succeeded with a Third Man Records based in SW Detroit rather than South Nashville.

The reality though is that if music, like our cars, can be a great export, if the world can fall in love with our Detroit musicians and those artists can take what they've learned in the Motor City and share it across the globe - then I'll be proud. And if we can continue to be the incubator for new music and a location time-to-time for showcasing that music in Hart Plaza or St. Andrew's Hall then I'll be even prouder.

So the next time you're in town, stop by the Vault at Third Man, buy a 7 inch vinyl album and thank Jack when you see him for sharing a bit of Detroit's music with the world.


Carl Gladstone