Big (slavery fighting) Happenings!


Ladies and gentlemen it has been a BIG week for the Abolitionist Hymnal! I was quite surprised last Sunday as the 611 Community at Clarkston UMC said they were pledging $.611 x 3000 toward the project. They along with the other large gifts we were pledged really show the "church of God waking!" Now we are only $517 away from the goal!

Of course, with still over 40 days to go, we have even more opportunities to extend the runway underneath this project. Remember, there is no maximum that can be pledged, and any community that wants to see this project happen to its fullest (and beyond!) can still pledge.

As for the debut concert tour, it looks like we've at least 5 stops to make and we're really looking forward to that. Hopefully at each stop we can entice another group to join us on stage for a little preview of the remix album!

Again, so much thanks to 611 for getting us so far this week and to the rest of our great backers making this project happen! You all truly have earned the name "Abolitionists!"