Doofus Magoo Celebrates Nerd-tasticness!Hey everyone, welcome to the new site.  I hope this will allow me to get more music and lyric work going, get more feedback from all of you, and in general make the work of making "music on the prophetic edge" more streamlined. 

As you may have seen in the lyrics section I'm working on a couple projects right now.  One that isn't quite in the writing stage yet is an album dedicate to my favorite city, Detroit.  I was wondering if you all would be good enough to send me your favorite Detroit stories?  Crazy things that have happened to you South of 8 Mile.  Awesome Detroiters you've met, etc.

I'll be working on not only songs for this project, but also some new Motor City tall tales which will be loosely based on real stories but will also occur in an alternate universe of awesomeness.  So, the more crazy stories you can share the better.

Again, thanks for checking in on this somewhat primarily ridiculous singer/songwriter.  Invite your friends into this conversation and I'll be seeing you soon.

Telling the stories, even the true ones,

Carl Gladstone