Jeff Joins The Echoverse!

The team at 1515 BroadwayHad a great time last Friday at the Echoverse Slam Poetry Finals during which my friend Jeff Nelson made it on the Detroit slam team!

It reminded me of all the great artistry that is generated by the people of this town.  This team, for one, is as diverse poetically as it is culturally.  Amazing writers and performers, all speaking to some extent the language of the D.

I know poets are of a different stripe than musicians, but if there is anything I've learned from attending slams and open mics, it is to make the most of that 3 minutes you have the audience for.  Give them a chance to laugh, cry, feel the struggle of a whole city or of just one quick moment.

Nice job Echoverse, congrats Jeff, and give 'em heaven in Florida!