Special thanks to Scott in light of the recent tragedy in Nigeria.  

"...I was inspired this past week to do something in worship and it included your music. There was a UCC church in Maine that encouraged churches to pray daily beginning on Mother's Day until these girls are returned to their families. I accepted that challenge and made a presentation during worship sharing information about what had happened helping to frame it as modern day slavery and sharing a Biblical response of Jubilee as the song "There's a Better Day" from the Abolitionist Hymnal reminds us. We then prayed for these girls by first name, from a list that has been circulated on the internet. Then we reflected during our offering time as we listened to "There's a Better Day."

I wanted to share with you that the songs that you recoded on that album have facilitated my prayers and have been a source of my inspiration. Today I am sharing a link to the album with my congregation along with the encouragement to continue praying."

- Scott R.

Good. True. Beautiful.

This is a rally cry. This is a call for artists and organizers to make friends with philosophers and theologians. This is an invitation for consumption to be re-engineered as complicity. This is encouragement to become partners in turning the chaos into healing, right, and amazing moments.

Conspiritors are those artists and friends who want their work to make goodness, truth, and beauty real for the world. Folks who are intrigued by the teachings of and community surrounding a first Century Jew from Nazareth. Folks who have a vision of a new Earth, and some thoughts on how to get there.

So, join in and let us know how these projects can transform your world.

Making music, making goodness.




What a great night.  On Saturday, November 2, I had the chance to gather with a bunch of friends, singers, and players to record the third Wesley Advent collection at Groovebox Studios in Detroit, MI.  From nephew Theo to Jeff, Elise and Shawn of GBS we were all there ringing in the impending Advent season and bringing the first choral rock-out to the Russell Industrial Center! 

This project was only possible because of the backing of so many fans and listeners on Kickstarter.  I cannot thank you all enough.  Soon the record will be out and I hope that will make your Christmas season richer and much more Wesleyan.  Wow, that was immensley nerdy.  - Carl




Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 10.02.58 PM.png

Had a great meet and greet with the guys over at Groovebox Studios (Detroit) and they'll be doing the mixing and mastering for the Matchstick EP.  I know so many of you have been patient backers, thanks for your grace.  The songs came together nicely and I'm looking forward to getting some professional polish on them as we move into final product.

One of the best memories I have of my mom is waking up after naps as a kid to her playing the piano and singing downstairs, or in the front room of the cottage.  Whether a hymn or some Christmas piece we were all practicing, it made those early moments of coming back into the world after dreaming all the more special.  I hope with projects like this and others that that'll be a reality for little nephew Theo and my own kids someday too.

Now I just have to find that reel to reel of Terry singing "No More Night," and put it on a timer to wake me up one of these afternoons.

- Carl