Just a Tempter

© 2006 Carl Thomas Gladstone

I've had my eyes on you
since you walked in.
Is this a table for two?

Why don't you order a drink on me?
Forget these past forty days and see,
at who's place,
at who's place we end up.

You're just a tempter sitting by my side.
You're just a tempter dropping pick-up lines.
I've heard them from you 'bout a thousand times,
but I don't have to listen, for it is written...

Is this guy bothering you?
Just let me know.
It's the least I could do,
just tell me and I'll cut his throat.

I'll give you Rodeo Drive,
exposure during late night,
just sign on the dotted line...

One does not live by bread alone,
but by every word that comes from God.
Watch what you're filling up with stones.
You might find yourself in
bed with a serpent.

Matt 4:1-11