Through The Wild and Nervous

I'd give up everything you are
turn your grand desires,
your hand of hearts,
to a death of fire.

But No! We live and trudge
around these barren dunes.
Our stomachs empty
as the wine skins draped
across our backs.
If the devil made dessert
out of the sand -
I'd say dig in.

Who do we turn our bellies toward?
Living with this hunger,
at least we died with bread before!
Who do we turn our bellies toward?

How about some gifts,
some bread, some wine
some fire to travel by
something to tell us -
oh wait, here you are.

We've tasted poison.
Then we became the toxic ones
and turned our killing over
to you.

Then our bellies were full;
then our path was known.
it took this wild and nervous trip
to help us find our hunger for love.

Exodus 16:2-15